Otoscope :- Introduction and Types.

Otoscope :- Introduction and Types.


Otoscopes may be categorized in one of three types: 1) pocket, 2) full-size, and 3) video. Pocket otoscopes were intentionally designed to fit in a pocket and are lighter and less bulky than other otoscopes. When purchasing a pocket otoscope, both the head and the handle are included. While there are some exceptions, most pocket otoscope use alkaline batteries to power the handle. Full size otoscopes are more substantial in size and weight than pocket otoscopes. They are comprised of more sophisticated heads and handles that may be purchased individually since those components tend to be interchangeable even amongst different brands. Unlike pocket and full size otoscopes, video otoscopes are specifically designed to interface with a computer or monitor to project, capture, store, and email high quality images and/or video.

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